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Tribes Beer Co. - Our Story

 Not Once.
 Not a Single Time.
 Not Even the Slightest Inkling.
 Not a Chance.

Tribes owner Niall Freyne opened his original restaurant in Frankfort, IL some 10 years ago and never dreamed he would one day build a brewery.

So much for that.

Here is the short and sweet history of the Tribes.

–Galway Tribes Irish Pub, Frankfort IL: Opened in 2005, Closed in 2009.
–Tribes Alehouse & Grill, Mokena, IL: Opened in 2009
–Tribes Alehouse & Grill, Tinley Park, IL: Opened in 2012
–Tribes Beer Company: Opened in 2015

From the beginning, The Tribes has been committed to procuring some of the finest and often rarest beers available in the Chicagoland area to make available to our customers, friends and neighbors. As the craft beer movement grew, more and more venues began selling craft beer. So,we decided to take the next logical step. We decided to brew our own craft beer!

Tribes began the buildout of a small, but respectable, on site brewery to accommodate a brand new 7-bbl brew house with 6 7-bbl fermentation vessels. While the planning and construction was progressing, the next thing to do was hire a brewer. It did not take long for The Tribes to attract and hire Head Brewer David Kerns. David joined Tribes Beer Company after a long run working alongside Pete Crowley of Haymarket Pub & Brewery in Chicago. David also completed both the International Diploma in Brewing Technology and the Advanced Applied Brewing Techniques programs at The Siebel Institute in Chicago which included apprenticing in Germany where he gained a profound respect for German beer and production.

David and Niall had very similar views regarding the style of beer David would create. They had agreed on three super complicated rules:

1.The beer needs to be hop forward
2.They wanted to make beer that tastes like… well, BEER!
3.They needed to make beer that people would order again and again

That being said, The Tribes isn’t married to any one particular style or flavor profile, but rather devoted to making beer that people like. We LOVE beer, ALL beer. For example, check out the Daylight Kolsch and the Craft’d IPA. Or David’s version of a dark IPA named for his favorite motorcycle shop dog, Ol’ Tango!

David has been hitting the nail on the head from day one with brews that excite hop-heads with hop-forward varieties such as Big Twin Double IPA and the already sought after Zero-100 Real Fast Imperial IPA.

We are proud of each and every beer we produce and serve to our guests. If we wouldn’t drink it ourselves, we wouldn’t offer it to you.

We distribute our beer through our friends at Windy City Distribution. And we look forward to making more of it available this winter as we will be doubling our capacity very soon!

So, swing by the Tribes and enjoy a beer “that just makes sense.”