Our Beers

Big Twin Double IPA

Imperial or Double India Pale Ale

Just like the Evolution replaced the Shovelhead, our Big Twin DIPA is evolving into a killer 8% intensely hopped, bright double IPA with a dry but bitter finish. Hopped with mandarina and mosaic, it is a superbly well balanced brew!

The Story:
Just like the Evolution replaced the Shovelhead, our Big Twin DIPA is evolving into a killer 8% intensely hopped, bright double IPA with a dry but bitter finish. Hopped with mandarina and mosaic, it is a superbly well balanced brew!

Food Pairings: Salty, cured meats.Strong, stinky cheeses. Our own bleu cheese bison burger or lamb lollichops!

Craft'd IPA

American-Style India Pale Ale

A hopped up IPA that always maintains the same consistent grain bill. However, we craft our IPA with a new twist each time it is expertly brewed! As we know, hop varietals are growing rapidly and we are always attempting to take advantage of them. Our "Craft'd" IPA will always change based on which hops we want to use at the time. Brewer David loves the opportunity to experiment with the various versions! This current batch is Cascade hopped and Chinook dry hopped Whenever Craft'd is on, make sure you give it a try!

The Story:
Tribes has earned a reputation as being one of the finest craft beer bars pubs in the Chicagoland area. That means that our beer lists are carefully put together to provide the finest in craft beer to our guests that travel from miles away to enjoy our product. Tribes is also known as a hop forward, IPA focused bar. That being said, we wanted to carefully “craft” each batch of our IPA with the same amount of attention and precision of the other great breweries that grace our handles. Although we are much smaller in production, we encourage each drinker to compare our Craft’d IPA to one of their favorites in a side by side comparison. We are certain Tribes will stand up to the test!

Food Pairings: Bold, spicy foods. Savory salads, spicy tomato or pesto dishes.

Daylight Kolsch

German-Style Kölsch / Köln-Style Kölsch

Made with pilsner and red wheat malts. Hopped and dry hopped with German Tettnange for a total of 1 lb per barrel. Herbal and floral aromas with a clean, crisp mouth feel and slightly sweet finish.

The Story:
Tribes brewer David, originally brewed this beer while he was a an apprentice in a German brewery. He loves making it in the middle of the cold, dark winter, because it somehow reminds him that summer still does exist!

Food Pairings: Lighter food: chicken, salads, salmon. bratwurst; Monterey jack cheese. To be honest - you can drink a Kolsch with anything! If you are hungery, eat! If you are thirsty, crush some Kolsch!

Lincoln-Way Rye

Rye Ale or Lager with or without Yeast

Crystal and Chinook full-hopped character, dark orange hued in color, light on the nose but has a nice spicy/sweet finish. Caramel sweet maltiness with peppery spiciness from the rye. This is the beer that makes "Lincoln-Way" famous!

The Story:
Named for the Lincoln Way Area where the Tribes Beer Company is located. We paid homage to the towns of New Lenox, Frankfort and of course Mokena, IL!

Food Pairings: Herb roasted potatoes, prosciutto, Jamaican-style jerk chicken. Asiago or parmesan cheese.

Oakley's White Stout

Specialty Stouts

A unique style makes for a unique beer. Sweet nose and palate from the cacao nibs and vanilla beans. Lightly hopped with Bravo and Cascade offering a pleasant taste not often found in stouts. Mix in 4 gallons of Dark Matter Chocolate City and now you have got a real winner. Lingering soft finish makes this an easy drinking stout that shouldn't be missed.

The Story:
Well this is the final in the shop dog series of brews mastered by the crew at Tribes Beer Company. Assistant brewer, Ben Michaels has a dog named Oakley. It’s an Alaskan Klee Kai which is a unique designer-type breed of a Husky. Ben thought that since his dog was unique so should be the beer. The idea of a white stout came to mind. Ben thought “That’s awesome”. Later while sipping a Dark Matter Chocolate City Iced Coffee, he thought “Let’s add some to this brew to even make it more awesome”. The combination is indeed awesome. The addition of cacao nibs and vanilla beans just add to the delicious taste in your glass. Oakley says CHEERS!

Food Pairings: Roasted lamb with garlic and rosemary, shepherd’s pie, shucked oysters or cave aged cheddar cheese

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Coffee IPA

Imperial or Double India Pale Ale

We have been serving Dark Matter Chocolate City Iced Coffee on tap at Tribes for a long time. We love it. Our guests love it. We love our IPA. Our guests love our IPA. Soooo..just like a peanut butter cup, we married the two flavors together for one outstanding beverage. Someone put coffee in my beer! Hey, someone but beer in my coffee! However you look at it your bound to love it.

The Story:
We have been serving Dark Matter coffee at the Tribes for some time now. We love it. Our guests love it. We also lover our IPA, as do our beer hungry customers! Sooo, just like a peanut butter cup, the two flavors were married and they combined to make one awesome beverage! "Hey! Someone dropped coffee in my beer! Hey! Someone put beer in my coffee!" Your damn straight we did! And it rocks!

Food Pairings: Korean BBQ tacos, bleu cheese, anything braised! Pork belly, blackened shrimp!

Tribal Pale Ale (TPA),

American-Style Pale Ale

Made with 100% Vienna malt as the base and some light caramel malts for color. Hopped and dry hopped with Hull Melon. Strawberry and green melon aromas with a malty and slightly sweet mouthfeel and clean finish.

The Story:
This is simply one of the great Pales you will ever taste. Brewer David created this recipe while training in Germany. With its 100% Vienna malt bill, brewed in a classic German tradition, but with American know how. It is like a slow paced trip down the German Autobahn in a kickass American roadster.

Food Pairings: Wide range of food: meat pie. English cheese; great with a burger! Mild or sharp English cheese. Great with our Scotch Egg Plate!

Zero to 100, Imperial IPA

Imperial or Double India Pale Ale

This beer is intended to be our interpretation, paying homage, to the true west coast style. Expect big, bold and bracing bitterness with tropical fruit notes of mango and grapefruit. Taste the bold and resinous flavor from massive dry hopping. But you better be careful 'cause this brew will take you from 0-100 real fast!

The Story:
At 10% ABV, this bold Imperial IPA will take you on a 0-100 joy ride like no other! Brewery owner, Niall, requested a larger than life West Coast IPA, that he remembered from this past winter on an awesome trip to San Diego the winter of 2015. Brewer David was up for the challenge and succeeded. Question now? Are you up for the challenge?

Food Pairings: Sharp cheddar & pungent cheeses. Oysters (believe it or not!)Grilled meats: perfect with our bison burger with bleu cheese & bacon